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eLaunch LLC Emerges From "Stealth Mode"

February 20, 2022

Houston, Texas, USA

After being in "Business Stealth Mode" for three years, eLaunch LLC, founded by Doug Newsom, fully emerged from stealth through LinkedIn with a website launch on February 20, 2022. 

While being "undercover,” Newsom assembled a Strategic Global Alliance of Tech CEOs, Companies, and App Developers. His leadership, combined with the Alliance's technology, will guide eLaunch's 21st Century Vision of "Anyone can Launch, Profit, and Grow a Basic Online Business . . . for FREE." 

Customers of eLaunch can scale their business using Pro features of the eBusiness Suite App while also integrating growth opportunities available through eLaunch’s Premium Apps Library, including online TV channel and advanced AI apps. 

The eLaunch planned business development timeline is to feature advanced AI apps in April, deliver TV channel creation app in May, integrate company-wide affiliate system in June, expand executive leadership in July, and provide custom in-house corporate services in August.

Newsom has been a Digital Technology Consultant for over two decades and previously founded Social Media World LLC (2017) and EVDigital LLC (2000). EVD, or Eagle Vision Digital, offered professional graphic design and multimedia services. 

The Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC) in The Woodlands, TX, identified EVD as a strategic affiliate in 2001, and Newsom relocated his company office to their campus. He provided creative, technical, and strategic expertise as HARC's official Digital Technology Consultant. 

A native Houstonian and lifetime Scouting supporter, Newsom first adorned a Cub Scout uniform fifty years ago! He is the only Texas Eagle Scout with complete award documentation known to have earned all the merit badges during the 20th Century (ninety years of Scouting). 

The United States Congress formally recognized Newsom with the Gold Congressional Award for his initiative, achievement, and service both within and outside of Scouting. During Congressman Bill Archer's official award presentation, Archer stated: 

"Doug Newsom has performed in his service to others and in his own development in such a way that he has distinguished himself above and beyond others all over the country. This year there are only fifteen people throughout the United States of America that have distinguished themselves to the degree to be granted the Gold Congressional Award. The Gold Congressional Award is presented to Doug Newsom for his personal achievements in helping to serve others and helping to build himself." 

Being a suicide attempt "Survivor" and having had Bipolar Type 1 throughout his entire adult life, Newsom is an active mental health advocate. For a Worldwide Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Awareness Campaign in Fall, he will incorporate several of eLaunch's advanced app features into the program, including the creation of a 24-hour TV channel for Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Awareness.

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