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The App Suite offered through eLaunch provides the world's fastest growing eBusiness Marketing Automation and Customer Relationship Management tools with only a single user sign-in needed for application feature access!

Groove Digital Technology integrates the best features of the major Digital eService providers. Over 550,000 users throughout the world in 37 countries completely trust the all-in-one eBusiness Suite App features for their business!

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Doug Newsom

Doug F. Newsom
eLaunch LLC

“Anyone can launch, profit, and grow an online business for FREE with the eBusiness Suite App and scale through our Premium Apps Library."

Mike Filsaime

GrooveDigital LLC

“We are building the most affordable all-in-one software that anyone can use to gain financial freedom, enabling them to live the life they want.”

Simon Leung
GrooveAsia LLC

“As a company powered by so many diverse backgrounds, we stand for a million things, but what really unites us in our groove is ending poverty.”